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Promising urine test could improve early detection and clinical management of bladder cancer: IARC Evidence Summary Brief No. 3
Lack of more than 43 million health workers to universal health coverage around the world
A national study answered: What will be the effects of implementing the “New guideline defining blood pressure” in Iran ?
Professor Mokdad named one of the Ramadan Top 30 Illuminators of 2022
Published in The Lancet: Three decades of performance of the Iranian health system Significant success in controlling infectious diseases; Serious challenges in non-communicable diseases
The First International ISAC Olympiad was held in Iran
Published in The Lancet :Fifty percent reduction in CVD death with ” Polypill with Aspirin”  combo therapy, based on the findings of a new study
How COVID-19 has stomped on scientists’ travel plans
Cancer in Iran 2008 to 2025: recent incidence trends and short-term predictions of the future burden
Largest seroprevalence study in the region finds number of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 in Iran may be higher than expected
How the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine works?
Lights in COVID-19 dark tunnel: Moderna and Pfizer
Baricitinib treatment linked to reduced mortality in COVID-19 patients
Promising results of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine
Poor nutrition in school years may have created 20 cm height gap across nations
The world has never been better prepared than in early 2020 in the face of epidemics of infectious diseases
Water Transmission in Hydrophilic-Hydrophobic Nanofibrous Hybrid Layer Was Investigate
Construction of Multi-Phase Flowmeter for Measuring Oil, Water & Gas Flow Rate in Oil Wells Output
Announcement of the final results of a review of four drugs in the Solidarity Clinical Trial for Covid-19 Treatments
Pardis Technology Park Will Become Even Much Bigger
Carcinogenicity of Opium Consumption was confirmed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer
The UNESCO Prize for the use of ICT in education
The results of an unprecedented international study of the state of the world’s blood cholesterol
Opium use increases the risk of premature death in diabetic patients by 30%
Iranian professor wins 2020 ICTP Prize
Iran to conduct 2nd phase of quantum cryptography experiment
Iran active member of COVAX initiative: Official
Iran on the way toward developing general aviation
WHO provides Iran with 150 ventilators, 100 PCR machines
FAO warns on devastating effects of COVID-19 on most vulnerable populations
Early Diagnosis of The New Coronavirus Made Possible by A Reactive Oxygen Species Measuring Device
Healthinno Digital Health Accelerator launched at IUMS
Published in “Lancet”: The Most Important Article by Iranian Researchers on “Iran’s Progress and Challenges in Health”
Khodadoust, Iranian world renowned ophthalmologist, passed away at 82
Creating diverse schools and workplaces requires inclusion, not just numbers
$100m allocated for vaccine production
Novel chip-based gene expression tool analyzes RNA quickly and accurately
Recycled carbon fiber improve permeable pavement
Key to unlock blocked differentiation in microRNA-deficient embryonic stem cells
IRAN FIRA Open Competition 2018
Mobile World Congress 2018
A new way of generating ultra-short bursts of light
Potential brain-machine interface for hand paralysis