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Healthinno Digital Health Accelerator launched at IUMS

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2019-10-21 | 13:19

Healthinno Digital Health Accelerator launched at IUMS

Healthinno Accelerator as the country’s first university-based digital health accelerator was inaugurated at a national conference on universal health coverage at Iran University of Medical Sciences.

Healthinno was officially inaugurated by Dr. Ahmed Al-Mandhari, World Health Organization Regional Director for Eastern Mediterranean and Dr. Reza Malekzadeh, Deputy Minister of Health Research and Technology.

Dr Seyed Abbas Motevolian, Vice Chacellor of Research and Technology, Iran University of Medical Sciences, pointed out that the Healthinno Accelerator is located in the central library building and the first cohort of startups includes 12 teams.

Groups with creative and commercializable ideas in digital health receive help and support to accelerate their ideas into a real business.

Regarding the support and facilities offered by the accelerator to the accepted teams, he said: “seed investment, shared workspace, conference room, mentorship, training workshops and specialized lectures with the presence of leading professors and specialists are among the supports provided”.

With the support of the Vice President for Science and Technology, a number of lectures and courses have already held by international speakers in the field of digital health and entrepreneurship.

Noting that there are more than 40 teams currently in the accelerator’s turn, Dr. Motevalian said: “In recruiting innovative teams, Healthinno Accelerator is not limited to students of Iran University of Medical Sciences and half of the teams recruited in the first cohort are among students or graduates of other universities in the country.”


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